1. The Sign of Jonah…An introduction

Today, and every day, people are looking for Signs.
Surely, seeking is part of the very fabric of human nature ?
But aboveall, it is God’s Providential Way of preparing us, of
attracting our attention when He has something to say to
Humanity. Scripture says that before God speaks in power and
in glory on a scale that none of us could miss , He speaks
first in quiet whispers to His prophets. Think of the
intensely desiring state of souls before the Coming of the
Messiah. We read the words of Scripture describing the great
and expectant longing of the prophets Simeon and Anna, as they
both waited and prayed in the Temple that day of the
Presentation of Jesus. Like all of Israel, they too, had been
longing to see “someone”, to see the Messiah’s Face. Or,
consider the tremendous longing of Our Lady and the Apostles,
as they yearned for “something” unknown, for the mysterious
Paraclete,the Power From Above who JESUS promised would descend
upon them (locally) in the Upper Room at Jerusalem.

And what about us , today ? Are we looking, seeking, searching,longing,hoping and expecting … Something ? or Someone ? Are we even aware of the Signs of the Times we are living in? Do
they announce anything at all? Are they perhaps Signs of the
imminent Visitation of God ? If so, when, where and how will He come again to us ? One thing is certain, there is a desperate need for change … and change, is indeed the temporal manifestation of the Mercy of God, when He intervenes in the Fullness of Time.

Jesus said to His first Disciples : WHAT are you looking for ? They were looking for the Kingdom of God. They were also looking for a person, the Messiah King. Our Lord Jesus made it very clear : there will only be ONE SIGN given to us.
HE SAID : it is the Sign of Jonah.

So, WHAT IS THE SIGN OF JONAH ? It is a PROCESS, a PATTERN and a MODEL of Godly Change, desperately and urgently required when Humanity has clearly surpassed itself in distressful and destructive behaviors.

It is HIGH TIME for the Sign of Jonah.

My name is Lucy. I am a 50-something-year-old American wife and mother. I am an extremely grateful convert to the Roman Catholic Church. For the past 12 years, I believe that the Lord has graciously revealed to my heart and mind the many facets and layers of meaning found in that very Biblical expression : The Sign of Jonah.
God-willing, you will soon begin to read here on this blog what has been given to me in explanation of that Sign. In sum, it is a co-mingling and fusion of my understanding of God’s Presence and Ways, of His Models and Patterns that bring forth all Life and Change. These models and patterns are found in Sacred Scripture, in Biblical and Human History, and in Creation through the workings of Natural Law.

It is my only Hope and Prayer that in your reading of these some 50 pages, you may be firmly comforted and fortified in the knowledge, conviction and understanding that THE MOST BLESSED TRINITY is in complete control of this process/pattern/model that brings forth for all of the World and of the Church the much-needed CHANGE.

Through the Sign of Jonah 2016 Blog, may you come to see the many
Eschatological patterns and signs that are indeed present when God
Visits us, in order to make ALL THINGS NEW ! AMEN. COME LET US ADORE HIM!